New In-Dash Factory Look Navigation Systems Available

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In-Dash Navigation Systems by Rosen


Hello world!

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Welcome to the new Street Sports Blog.  For quite some time (years in fact), we have tried to determine how to get important information out to our customers.  Previously, it was through our website at  Although there is STILL a lot of content there (over 10,000 files JUST on the information side alone), it is not organized in a way that repeat visitors can find the new content easily.  As such, many of you already know that after ten years of almost daily updating (1997-2007), we all but stopped updating it the past two years.  Part of the reason was a tremendous undertaking with our online store development.  Many of you know me and know that I want what I want, and I don’t want to settle for less than what I think is the best.  So for OVER the past two years the online store has been stuck in development.  Although things are looking really good for it to finally go live right after the beginning of the new year, a lot of time will be spent loading products into it’s database.  Second, it is MOST useful to those who don’t live close enough to come to our retail store.  So we had to find a better way.  We get information daily from our manufacturers such as new product releases, price changes, and factory authorized sales and specials.  We want you to receive this information as quickly as possible so that you may act upon it while it is relevant.  We will also post other valuable content for you such as maintenance information to help you keep your vehicle running better, changes to shop operations such as operating hours and amenities as well as new staff introductions and training certifications.  We have never liked the idea of sending a barrage of emails to everyone, everyday.  If you are like us, there are already way too many showing up as it is.  We needed a better way.  With the ability to stream an RSS feed to your favorite web browser, email client, or RSS reader, we decided that WordPress was the best way.  This will most likely end up being the best way to keep up with us, although we will continue to use our other social media platforms of FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter to get the information out since different people have different needs and preferences.  For now, all we ask is that you give this new platform of ours a chance, and see how valuable it can become for you.  We really appreciate your business.

Shawn Sexton, President/CEO

Street Sports, Inc.

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